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Enjoy up to 15% discount* off our package price if you book us on these dates!

*Ongoing promotions and prize vouchers cannot be applied simultaneously

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November 2022

Saturday, November 5th -  Lunch (TAKEN)
Saturday, November 5th -  Dinner
Sunday, November 6th -  Lunch

Sunday, November 6th -  Dinner (TAKEN)

Saturday, November 19th -  Lunch
Saturday, November 19th -  Dinner (TAKEN)
Sunday, November 20th -  Lunch
Sunday, November 20th -  Dinner

Saturday, November 12th -  Lunch (TAKEN)
Saturday, November 12th -  Dinner (TAKEN)
Sunday, November 13th -  Lunch
Sunday, November 13th -  Dinner

Saturday, November 26th -  Lunch (TAKEN)
Saturday, November 26th -  Dinner (TAKEN)

Sunday, November 27th -  Lunch
Sunday, November 27th -  Dinner

December 2022

Saturday, December 3rd -  Lunch (TAKEN)
Saturday, December 3rd -  Dinner (TAKEN)
Sunday, December 4th -  Lunch (TAKEN)

Sunday, December 4th -  Dinner (TAKEN)

Saturday, December 24th -  Lunch
Saturday, December 24th -  Dinner
Sunday, December 25th -  Lunch

Sunday, December 25th -  Dinner

Saturday, December 10th -  Lunch (TAKEN)
Saturday, December 10th -  Dinner (TAKEN)

Sunday, December 11th -  Lunch
Sunday, December 11th -  Dinner (TAKEN)

Saturday, December 31st -  Lunch
Saturday, December 31st -  Dinner


Saturday, December 17th -  Lunch
Saturday, December 17th -  Dinner
Sunday, December 18th -  Lunch

Sunday, December 18th -  Dinner

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