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AGOPSG agopsg livestreaming wedding live band
agopsg wedding live band
agopsg wedding live band

Introduce Fun 
Virtually at Your Wedding!


How do we live-stream?

In light of COVID-19 Safe Management Measures, live performances for wedding events are still not allowed. AGOPSG will be carrying out our performances via live-streaming in the following manner:

Pre Event
Recce/Meet up and liaise with venue's AV team to understand the venue's setting better and brief them on the live-streaming arrangements for actual day.
AGOPSG will also work together with the wedding couple on the song arrangements and actual day timeline.

Actual Day
AGOPSG will setup the live stream 1.5 hours earlier before the event for sound check and troubleshooting. Our sound engineer will be present at the banquet venue to assist with the sound profiling & will also help with any song dedication requests during the live-streaming performance.

Image by Alexey Ruban


  • What are the requirements for the live-streaming performance?
    A laptop is required to receive our live-streaming feed. The venue will just need to have a Wifi connection, a projector and a screen to broadcast the live performance. All you have to do is to connect the laptop to the venue's AV system.
  • Can i still arrange for AGOPSG to perform for the 1st/2nd March In ?
    Yes, of course! This can be arranged, just need to let us know your song preferences for the 1st/2nd March In will do.
  • How do guests send in their song requests/dedications during the live-streaming performance?
    We have 2 ways of doing this: 1. During our live-streaming performances, we will flash our Instagram page QR code on screen for your guests to message us their song dedications. 2. Alternatively, for all live-streaming performances, our sound engineer will be present at the venue. Your guests can write their song requests on a piece of paper and pass it to him. (This will be announced during our live-streaming performances, so not to worry!)
  • Will the sound/video quality be compromised for live-streaming performances?
    Definitely not. We have transitioned into the live-streaming model and have taken steps to ensure that our virtual performance will be as engaging and entertaining as our previous live performances! Please be assured that your guests will be in for a fun and enjoyable experience!
  • Sounds great! Do you have a sample of your live-streaming for us to have a better idea?
    Sure, please scroll to the next section to watch a recorded sample of our live-streaming performance.
  • Who can I contact for further clarifications?
    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the live-streaming performance: Jem Han, +65 94778015, Kendrick Lim, +65 92296329,
  • I'm interested in getting AGOPSG! How much do you charge?
    Please fill in your details here and we will reach out to you soon!
Video Recording

Past Recordings

00:00:00​ Start
00:01:20​ Besame Mucho
00:04:49​ Can't Help Falling in Love With You 00:08:55​ A Thousand Years
00:13:08​ 一只小雨伞
00:17:28​ Perfect
00:22:40​ 甜蜜蜜
00:25:25​ I'm Yours
00:28:51​ 最重要的决定
00:33:01​ 告白气球
00:36:21​ 你最珍贵
00:40:28​ 家后
00:44:28​ If I Ain't Got You
00:49:15​ Yellow
00:53:45​ I'm Yours
00:57:17​ AGOPSG Special Mash Up Song 01:01:04​ Valerie
01:05:21​ Lost Stars
01:09:09​ More than Words
01:13:36​ Uptown Funk
01:18:25​ 爱拼才会赢
01:20:45​ 一百万
01:24:40​ 浪子回头
01:28:25​ 海阔天空
01:31:03​ 喜欢你
01:34:09​ 恋爱-ing
01:37:03​ One Night in Beijing
01:40:07​ Bella Ciao
01:42:42​ Sha La La La La
01:45:28​ 朋友
01:48:26​ Despacito
01:52:15​ What are Words
01:55:03​ Happy
01:57:40​ Hotel California

00:00:00​ Start
00:01:12​ Besame Mucho
00:04:44​ Beautiful in White
00:09:25​ A Thousand Years
00:14:14​ 一支小雨伞
00:17:48​ 最重要的决定
00:22:00​ Top of the World
00:25:46​ 告白气球
00:29:14​ 月亮代表我的心
00:32:53​ 刻在我心底的名字
00:37:31​ If I Ain't Got You
00:41:23​ 家后
00:45:18​ 你最珍贵
00:49:18​ You are the Reason
00:53:45​ Yellow
00:58:05​ Beauty and the Beast
01:01:45​ 甜蜜蜜
01:04:08​ Can't Help Falling In Love With You
01:06:40​ 给我一个吻
01:07:33​ 上海滩
01:09:07​ Uptown Funk
01:14:21​ Moves Like Jagger
01:18:44​ 今天你要嫁给我
01:21:14​ 爱拼才会赢
01:23:35​ 一百万
01:27:13​ 海阔天空
01:30:18​ 喜欢你
01:33:49​ 刚好遇见你
01:37:02​ 脱掉
01:38:14​ 恋爱-ing
01:40:42​ La Bamba
01:43:55​ Sha La La La La
01:46:43​ Bella Ciao
01:49:22​ 浪子回头
01:53:29​ One Night in Beijing
01:56:49​ 朋友
01:59:10​ 小微
02:01:33​ Hotel California

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